• To take (any one) by force or fear, and against one's will,with intent to carry to another place. Abbott.You may reason or expostulate with the parents, but never attempt tokidnap their children, and to make proselytes of them. Whately.

  • To seize and confine usually for a ransom. This can be done a few different ways: By force, by trickery, or by conking somone on the head and stuffing them in the trunk of your car.
    The common tools used in a kidnapping are:
    Don't forget though, when kidnapping someone try not to attack them while they're wearing high heeled shoes. They could wind up kicking you in the crotch/chest depending on your gender.

  • To take away by force.

  • a game that requires 8 people and 2 cars. each team has a driver and a navigator as well as 2 people that get dropped off. you start the game with the driver and navigator taking 2 kids from the other team, blindfolding them and dropping them off at an unknown location (set parameters such as drive for 10 min, no highway) and then the other team has to find them and then the teams race back to a certain destination

  • Surprise adoption.

    Adopting a white child surprisingly of of the atreet.

  • Slang for:

    Picking someone up from a place they are dreading

  • A short period of rest a kindergarden child gets halfway through the day of school.

  • Something you do to little adorable white girls. also big adorable pregnant white women.

    it is speculated that black , hispanic, asian and other minorities such as native americans and indians have also been kidnaped but these kind of kidnappings are often ignored by the mass media. Because minorities aren't news.

  • A loving gesture shown by stalkers or obsessive psychopath ex boyfriends. Must include a van, some duct tape, rope, chloroform (optional) and a struggling victim.


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