• often used in fanfiction to subtly indicate sexual content. mainly written in authors notes and summaries.

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  • Tasting of lemons. If you ever put something lemony in your mouth you will experience your pie-hole being sucked into itself, such is the explosive power of the citrus fruit. Be warned.

    Many things which are not lemons are lemony. Examples include Jif, Bleach and Uranium.

  • Lemony

  • Adj- 1. Being so prude, beurocratic, uppity, stiff, sour, brittle and dry that the only explanation is a considerable amount of lemon juice was squeezed into your eye.

    1. Having the qualities and characteristics of a lemon such as round shape and bright yellow color.

  • Lemony

  • a word used in fanfiction and online stories to warn readers about descriptive sexuality(pretty much)usually written in summary or at the beginning

  • Lemony

  • Someone that is always trying to get in someones pants. They tend to get rapey and never knows when to stop. Will often use sexual remarks (a sign of someone being lemony).

  • Lemony

  • An individual with one testicle and the ability to be a jack of all trades ( master of none )

    Individual will display some female tendencies and should be locked at home as the woman of the house. Will have a lovehate relationship with any nearby czechrepublicans and will work under a teflonic Vicepresident

  • Lemony

    1. Someone whose belief system is based on principles gathered via bad movies and video games.

    2. Someone who advocates the use of plastic-doored vehicles.

    3. Someone buried in piles of useless and over-engineered paperwork and statistics.


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