• Having a bluish effect. Cf. Warm, 8. Cold abscess. See underAbscess.-- Cold blast See under Blast, n., 2. Cold blood. See under Blood,n., 8.-- Cold chill, an ague fit. Wright.-- Cold chisel, a chisel of peculiar strength and hardness, forcutting cold metal. Weale.-- Cold cream. See under Cream.-- Cold slaw. See Cole slaw.-- In cold blood, without excitement or passion; deliberately.He was slain in cold blood after thefight was over. Sir W. Scott.To give one the cold shoulder, to treat one with neglect.

  • Heartless,
    Having no emotions,

  • v. used to describe something awesome or nice ; something worthy of hatin

  • Better than [cool]
    To be cooler than cool
    The coolest level of cool

  • what a girl says she is when she wants to snuggle 🙂

  • plain, obviously, flat out, straight up

  • an annoying and contagious illness that causes sniffling, sneezing, coughing, and other symptoms

  • harsh, mean, icy

  • Cold was a rock band that started in 1986. They released 4 cd's: Cold, 13 ways to bleed on stage, year of the spider, and a different kind of pain. They also released an ep called Oddity. The band consisted of lead singer Scooter Ward, Matt Louhgran, Zachary Gilbert, both guitarists, Jeremy Marshall on bass, and Sam McCandless on drums. Former members included Mike Booth, Sean Lay, Terry Balsamo, Kelly Hayes and Eddie Rendini.
    On February 27, 2006, Ward left a message on their official website saying they had disbanded. However, he said he and Sam will continue writing music.

  • An infectious disease that usually spreads like wildfire around people, because people don't give a shit worth about others. They would yawn cough and not wash their hands properly to prevent others from catching the cold. If you catch a fucking cold, don't cough, cover your fucking mouth, and if you go to either 1-12 grades, go to the back of the class, and don't spread your fucking cold.

  • Pretty, beautiful, hot

  • Somebody who looks good.


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