• A devilish romancer with knowledge of his charming good looks, a dancefreak who always has a new dance partner.
    Never commits. Always texting or myspacing a new lady every minute. Always gives one or 2 word replys.

  • Gilbert is a sentimentalist, open minded guy. He can be one of the must trustful persons you can ever meet. His eyes are usually the door to his soul. Gilbert can be optimistic, lazy and funny. He is usually short but has a great heart. He loves to be in company. He likes to express his feeling and likes to let people know how much he loves/care about them. Usually a music weirdo. He doesnt have a really high self-esteem but doesnt really care about it. Sometimes when he is sad the only thing that can cheer him up is a hug from his partner in crime. He likes to show people how much he appreciate them and sometimes he is misunderstood.

    When he is in a relationship he is really loyal and passionate, but he doesnt fall for anyone. He swallows every sadness and tries not to show how he really feels. He can be the best friend in the whole wide world. Random is his second name. Most of the people dont like when he is too loud or when he is in the nonsense mood, but those things makes Gilbert special. He can also be a loner and quite guy. When he has a best friend he can be like a brother and when he is in a relationship he is the best of the best in any way... He always is thinking about things that dont make any sense or about stuff that most of the people dont think or dont care about. If you have a Gilbert in your life, dont let him go and hold him tightly. He is one of a kind, spend with him all the time you can, he can be quite a company and a great brother.

  • Handsome,sexy very very big down low and a sweet talker with a kind heart so you know he does good with the ladies. not too good with school but does enough to get by maybe a little more if hes bored but overall hes a cool guy who likes to hang out with lots of friends n talk to a different girl every day of the week. He is also an extremely great lover who no girl ever forgets or regrets

  • A thirsty ass nigga who trys to get at any girl.

  • Womanizer. He tries to get with any girl he can, and makes her fall hard for him. Once he gets too deep he drops her like a pile of bricks. He will use and abuse in every which way he can to get his way. He will use her for money, lust, and food.

  • Is a person who is amazing at kicking balls over fences. Hes a very clingy person and is sometimes very awkward

  • (noun) The name given to one who goes out with friends, but instead of having a good time, he/she texts their girlfriend/boyfriend and leaves before the night gets good.

    Instead of owning up to it, one simply states they will have a great time next time.


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