• Thos who derive from Calabria, The southern most region of the Italian mainland. They are more like Sicilians then northern Italians. Both have the dark skin, dark hair and very similar dialects.

    Calabrese meaning & definition 1 of Calabrese.

  • A bright green variety of broccoli with a dense head.

    Calabrese meaning & definition 2 of Calabrese.

  • 1.) A native of the southernmost region of [the Italian] [mainland], Calabria.
    2.) A [descendant] of an Italian from Calabria.

    Calabrese meaning & definition 3 of Calabrese.

  • An Italian from Calabria, of which most are known to [be Hard] [Headed]. Although any [stuborn] Italian can be called a Calabrese, to be called Calabrese and not be from there is very derogatory.

    Calabrese meaning & definition 4 of Calabrese.

  • [someone] [who is] hard-headed or [stubborn]

    Calabrese meaning & definition 5 of Calabrese.

  • a guy that is lookin forward to [smash] your face if u say shit about anyone of his friends,a guy [gurls] seem to like but can be an asshole sometimes, but hes only [kidding]

    Calabrese meaning & definition 6 of Calabrese.

  • A somewaht [good looking] man of [italian] decent, that thinks the world revolves around him. He teaches at a [campus] near you.

    Calabrese meaning & definition 7 of Calabrese.

  • If you are caught pulling a [calabrese] you are caught fuking someones [twin sister] and there mother at the same time. You must be caught by the male [twin brother].

    Calabrese meaning & definition 8 of Calabrese.

  • another name for the most common type of broccoli , with a thick green stem and a dense green mass of flower buds at the top:

    Calabrese meaning & definition 9 of Calabrese.

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