• The best music fesitval in the world.

  • The biggest, baddest music festival in the world, located in England. Known for its free spirit, craziness and ability to draw many drugs etc.

  • A high-class suburban area full of preppy white kids wearing polo shirts and uggs who play tennis for fun, yeah thats right, tennis. This town is also associated with the rumors that the locals can turn anyone from any other race into a snobby rich cracker, its true.

    Other nicknames: White-ass town USA, Glastonboring, the caucasian ghetto ect ect

  • A long-running Bristish music festival, which happens once a year in the summer for three days. The weather is typically rainy and the ground is often muddy. Magic Mushrooms are popular there.

  • A small town in Somerset, England, next door to the county Dorset. Its a very pretty, historic town, and is well known for the glasotnbury tor, up on the hill. This hill can be seen for miles around Glastonbury, which leads on to the famous Glastonbury festival. The festival is locatedin Pilton, about 2 miles from Glastonbury, but you can see the tor from the festival, and as it is the closest prominant town to the festival,so it takes its name. the festival is an amazing place, like a city that springs ups from nowhere for a couple of days per year. the green fields host the more traditional festival, most like when the festival first started, as a gathering on mr Michael Eviss land, with healing and meditation tents, and the tipi field is such a tranquil place. around the main pyramid stage, where the more commercial side of the festival lies, is completely different. still an amazing atmosphere, with everybody just happy to be there. on wednesday and thurday at the festival, before the music starts is good wil all round, and random cheers through the crowds start up and travel all around the festival site. all in all, the festival appeals to such a wide range of people, original traditional grass roots festival goers and people who prefer to spend there time around the dance village.

  • Glastonbury is a market town situated in the Mendip hill, in the County of Somerset in Western england. The supposed location of the mythical Isle of Avalon, something of a magnet for crystal waving new-agers and serious pagans alike.
    NB: NOT purely an over-hyped and hideously over-expensive music festival.

  • An over commercialised, very expensive drug-fest with over hyped bands.


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