• a person who directs during a movie/play or any production.

  • The one who gets the blame if anything they create goes tits up, even when its not their fault.

  • A mythical creature known to occasionally visit corporate offices. Directors thrive upon the professionalism and professional attire of all employees of the offices, and as such, several notices are issued in advance of a directors arrival for people to be on their best behavior. Directors, however, are quite elusive - despite an employees best behavior and finest dress, these efforts are often in vain, as directors do not desire to go slumming with the commonfolk. A directors smile is known to result in rapid career advancement. Ironically, the most common instance of a directors smile is from employee termination.

  • The new brand for everything a director could want...and more!

  • Barefoot fags from California who work for porno companies.

  • A totaly useless program used as an outlet for useless people to continue to be useless.


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