• When you break into a place of residence with the intent to steal stuff.
    Originated in Los Angeles.

    like i was flocking, i took his bitch in a heart beat -Heartbeat by YG 400

    they gave me 6 months in the county cus i got caught flocking - Fast by YG 400

    my niggaz... flock in the house, hope he come out with the safe -First Pass by Nipsey Hussle

    Whats flocking? Breaking in homes, B and E, burglary, damn you slow -Californication by Nipsey Hussle

  • to rob someone for there belongings

  • Flocking : The act of a male driving at extreme speeds on the interstate (90-125 mph), so he can nest up with his girlfriend as quickly as possible, after not seeing her for a few days, since they live in seperate towns/cities. This occurs EVERY weekend (usually on a Friday afternoon after he gets off of work), and can resemble that of a continuous path that a flock of birds would take each year in migration. Hince the word flocking.

  • Putting pink plastic flamingos on someones lawn.

    Flocking can be used as a prank, a lawn greeting or a fundraiser where people pay money to flock their friends and neighbors:

    For a small sum of money, the flamingos are removed.
    For a larger sum of money, the victim can chose which house will be flocked next.

    To prevent from getting flocked, sometimes a donation can be payed in advance.

    Also known as flamingoing.

  • when a bunch of people who know each other get together for an event or just to chill..usually like mobsters

  • when someone acts the fool.

  • A group of [Featheries] coming together to form a mass [orgy] in both a real like situation and in an online [ERP] situation.

  • (v.)

    The act of [seagulling] as a group

    When 3 or more people come to together and seagull a single person in a manner similar to a [gangbang]

    For more information on this word see [seagulling]

  • When one ghetto person comes to a party and then the whole ghetto community finds out about it and ends up going there.


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