• A friend, lover, co-worker who finds no shame in swooping in and gobbling up your discarded food. They don’t care who’s around and who sees them do it, waste not want not is their motto. They don’t share there food, they only eat yours.

  • Ca caaw ca caaw ca caaw!

  • Seagull: White bird, usually seen near landfills or beaches.

  • Rugby term, slang

    A forward, usually tight forward who drifts too wide, and plays half the game at second-five. Of no use to the forward pack as a whole. Usually the domain of arrogant pricks who want to make the highlight reels.

    See [Showpony]

  • A critical manager or supervisor who makes brief appearances to put on a meaningless but unpleasant display for employees to try to show theyre doing their job. They swoop in, make a lot of noise, shit on everything, then fly away.


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