• once apon a time there was a happy little sausage, whos name was baldrick, he lived happily ever after.

    the end

    ( if you dont get it, go and borrow the dvd )

  • Noun: From the popular character Baldrick in Britis sitcom Blackadder. Baldricks defining feature is a kind of innocent stupidity. Therefore, someone who makes honest mistakes on a regular basis might be described as a baldrick

  • 1: A sash-like belt usually for holding a sword, or in later years magazines/pouches of gunpowder

    2: Scruffy, dimwitted and diminutive sidekick of various incarnations of Edmund Blackadder from the BBC comedy of the same name noted for his cunning plans. Played by the actor Tony Robinson

    3: anyone who resembles said character

  • A comedic character on the British Comedy Black Adder.

    An overly dramatic twist in a story, usually having someone die suddenly; pulling out of a story suddenly; being overly dramatic (i.e. pulling a).

  • A Richard with no hair.....

  • Buffing or the act of buffing frogs

  • The only thing to have been in the Blackadder family longer than Syphilis.


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