• Careless; negligent; inattentive; superfical; not thorough.

  • To Exceed; Avoid Limitations; To Be Extremely or Abundantly over the top. To be annoyingly exclamatory. Very Obnoxious, or, in some circumstances, said to reject the truth being presented before ones self.
    Derives from Swiss German Uberlicht.

  • it is when a person is doin sumthin dumb that they shouldnt be doin.

  • In excess of the norm

  • A sad, sad sham of a word intended as to an excessive degree. Ironically, rather than simplifying things for those with short attention spans, the use of overly adds syllables not to be found where the prefix over- (as in overly confident/overconfident) or the adverb too (as in overly tired/too tired) are employed. Seriously, are these people incapable of too? What about excessively if you want to sound smart? Overly retarded, thats what it is.