• A piece of music of a mournful character, to accompany funeralrites; a funeral hymn.The raven croaked, and hollow shrieks of owls Sung dirges at herfuneral. Ford.

  • Dirge is an epic dagger from the mmorpg wow, wich one day for unknown reasons, became the object of the longest spam session in tradechat ever.

  • a song played during a funeral

  • An item within the game World of Warcraft of epic quality. The item has been the subject of an in-game fad, where it has been exessively linked in chat channels (spammed), usually in along with attempts at a humorous segway, and/or replacing a word in a sentence with the item name.

    Responses to the spamming, which can occur over several hours/days, is usually received with contempt, which incites the bandwagoners to increase their spamming.

  • A sad pirate song, played during times of extreme lamentation.

  • There are five prime classifications of dirge:

    1. Trad Dirge
    2. True Dirge (also known as Pure Dirge)
    3. Dirge (also know as Standard Dirge)
    4. Sub Dirge
    5. Fake Dirge

    However, there are offshoots such as Math Dirge, Nu Dirge, Black Dirge, Dirge Punk, Dirge Core, Neo-Classical Dirge, Prog Dirge, Nintendirgecore etc but they generally are derivative of one of the five main classifications.

  • One of the six scout class found in the online multiplayer game, Everquest 2. Dirges have musical spells and are generally considered a support utility class used for providing offensive group buffs to other Fighter and Scout classes ingroup.

  • Australian slang for a [cone] of bong [resin] mixed with tobacco. Often smoked as a last resort.

  • a long, drawn out, soul draining noise

  • To cum unexpectedly and violently, often releasing a large amount.

  • Another term to mean the same as rubbish.