• the most awfully stereotypical american town ever. a suburban hell where rich white kids pretend to be ghetto and create fake drama to add interest to their otherwise dull lives.

  • A Sacramento suburb. Residing teens (many of whom are middle and upper-middle class) enjoy complaining about it and saying how awful and boring it is even though it is neither awful nor any more boring than other towns.

    1. A much-maligned [burb] of [Sacramento]. It is the locale of the [Folsom State Prison], which, contrary to a [daffynition] written by a prospective [inmate] from [Hellay], is not named [Pelican Bay].

    2. A location in New Mexico near which the [Folsom Man] and [Folsom Point] were discovered. The man lived during an [ice age], and the [point] is considered to be the most advanced [stone age] spear point ever discovered.

    3. A community in [Louisiana] from which a [serial] [arsonist] waged a campaign of at least 70 [arson]s.

  • Bullshit excuse for a suburbian town, with no places to go.

  • A boogie in the butt.

  • A skinny Joint Or cigarette. Definition comes from inmates currently serving time in Folsom state prison, who have small stashes of either marijuana or tobacco and roll skinny or tiny joints.

  • [Wackest] city in the country.

  • Lame ass town North of Covington. Full of rednecks and wanna be gangstas. Nothing but trailer parks and farms.