• An instrument composed of a bag and pipes. The player blows air into the bag and it comve out of the pipes. Notes are changed by covering the holes of a pipe that is under the bag.
    The bagpipe is the traditional instrument of the Edinburgh crips in Scotland which are part of the [G-crips] organization. The Edinburgh crips usually have a bagpiper present at their ceremonies and one usually lead them into battle in gang fights against rival gangs in Edinburgh.
    The music of a bag pipe is inspiring to Scottish people and rather repulsive to everyone else hence it is the ideal instrument to take into combat if you are Scottish because it will boost your morale and lower that of the enemy thus you will most likely be the victor of the conflict.
    The Edinburgh crips owe most thier conquests over rival gangs to the bagpipes.

  • A musical instrument originating in eastern Europe, but is usually thought to have originated in Scotland. It consists of a sack, three drones, a blowpipe, and a chanter. It has a wonderful, melodious sound, and anybody who disagrees can go shove their guitars, flutes, and pianos up their smelly, oversized asses. People who play and/or like the bagpipes tend to be popular, good-looking, cool, athletic, smart, and have active sex lives, and people who dont like the bagpipes tend to be ugly, mentally deficient social outcasts who spend their time playing D

  • the punkest instrument known to man.

  • the people who invented this wonderful thing didnt have their family jewels constrained by briefs and boxers.

    they let everything hang in those fresh ass kilts of theirs - hence the free flow of creativity that led to the invention of the most amazing pieces of musical badassery - the bagpipes

  • the missing link between music and noise.


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