• A game that is much like Hide-and-go-seek, but is considered less juvenile, so is played by older people. Game works best during the night, and outside. This is played with two teams who alternate being the Hiders, and the Seekers.

    After a designated period of wait, the Seekers scavenge the predetermined territory for the other team. After a Hider is found, rules vary on how to officially tag, he is brought to the area marked as prison. From there, fellow teammates can free him. Game is not over until everyone is found.

    Note: Game eventually causes great chaos and arguments over rules and teams. A smooth playing game is rare.

  • One of the coolest, most violent, and really fuckin hard games ever made. Made by Rockstar games, the people who brought you the ever popular and controversial [GTA] series.
    You play the role of James Earl Cash, a man sentenced to death. However, his execution is a fake, turning out that the lethal injection was just a sedative.
    He wakes up in the streets of Carcer city, a lawless, run-down town. A man called Starkweather informs you vis earpiece that in order to stay alive, you must kill. And thats where the game takes off.
    A VERY violent game, allowing you to kill hunters in many ways, ranging from suffocating them with a plastic bag to ripping their balls of with a sythe.
    All in all, very good game, 9/10.

  • Manhunt is a hide-and-go-seek game designed for people who dont want to call it that. It combines that element along with others from Capture the Flag (jails), the classic tag, and the adolescent tendency to be sadistic.
    However, its fun like crazy, in spite of the cynical summarization. To start off, the fugitives make up the majority of the players; the game is best with 7 people. The amount of starting hunters is best based on the number of participants: usually one or two. Every hunted player has a pre-determined amount of time to run and hide, and then a signal sounds for the hunt to begin.
    Its widely considered best to play in outdoor environments of several acres in size, and at night. Flashlights can be used by both hunted and hunters if so desired by the participants, and good cover use is encouraged.
    When one is tagged in any manner deemed appropriate beforehand (flashlight, one/two-hand touch, sight), they are converted (brainwashed) into joining the other team. If one ventures outside of the pre-determined boundaries for the game, they are changed to the hunters team. However, much cheating occurs here; no one catches cheaters...
    Its quite unusual for a game of Manhunt to go without several arguments. Its like playing a game with no rules; there are so many variants and possible choices that dissent is always present.
    Other rules on boundaries: usually, participants arent allowed to go into rooms with doors, or doors period. Stairs are O.K.; but its advised not to go into buildings, period.
    -Wear dark or camouflaged clothing
    -Wear good running shoes / light clothing
    -Carry a flashlight
    -Stay away from dangerous areas
    -Use an airhorn or carhorn for the starting signal

  • Hide and seek game played by pre-teens and teens usually in teams. Hiders may hide alone or in pairs. Usually in pairs it means whoever goes and hides together are usually making out in the dark.

  • Fun ass game in which one person is it and counts to 10 while the other players run away. The person then chases them and tries to catch them and hold on to them and saying Manhunt 1-2-3 three times. If you succeed in this, the person who you caught is now it with you and has to help you catch the other players. Game continues until everyone is caught. Also known as Ringo in some circles.

  • A [Rockstar] [PC Game].
    About a lone [hobo] named [James Earl Cash], a man sentenced to death who becomes revived by a man known as [The Director], to kill [gang]s for [The Director]s amusement.
    [James Earl Cash] is also rumoured to be a [pedophile] and a [pervert] sentenced for an unknown (to the gamer) hideous crime.

    1. a sorta hide-and-go-seek game played usually at night.

    2. code word for kids ages 13-15 to say theyre going to play manhunt but actually are just going to smoke some marijuana

  • mix of games tag and hide and go seek, in which the persons who are it are in cars and chase the others around town. when the ones who are it see the people who are fleeing they must get out and chase them and tag them. when the runners get caught they join the players in cars and chase others. there are usually 2 cars with 2 players in each, with unlimited layers fleeing. when the players fleeing get to the base on the other side of the nieghborhood, they win. (usually played in boring towns with fun people.)

  • An organized search for a criminal, suspect, or escaped prisoner.


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