• A rather uncommon term used to describe someone with unstoppable, or godlike abilities in his particular field, such as Babe Ruth or Donald Trump etc.

    The term has taken new meaning in the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game and anime as the name of the most powerful of all monsters: Exodia the Forbidden One. Actually the sealed ka or soul of the ancient pharoah, once all five of Exodias forbidden pieces are assembled in a duel, Exodia is summoned to obliterate the players current opponent and is undefeatable. In the shadow realm, Exodia is the embodiment of Yami Yugis soul.

  • a giant beast that destroys all noobs. its power is strong, not even a dark magician can fight it off. it is is summoned 5 cards.

  • A safeword used to warn a sexual partner of approaching climax, usually followed by screaming [obliterate] upon ejaculation.

  • The End. Over. Nuff Said. Non-debatable. Not Disputable. No Contest. You Lost. Its a [wrap] for you.

  • exodia is a term that can be used as a noun, verb , or adjective. Exodia is the forbidden word and can only be used in certain circumstances. Exodia was originated deep within the compounding deck of MAster Yugi in Yughio.

  • Undefeatable; Indestructible; Unstoppable; Refers usually to a person
    Named after the god Exodia, who after conquered the great continent of Atlantis, buried it under the might of the ocean.

  • A World of Warcraft guild. The guild leader plays Yu-Gi-Oh(or You-Gay-Hoe, what it actually means, its a card game for closet homos) and decided to name his guild after a card he got because the name was sooo kewl dewd! They pretend their name has nothin to do with it because we make fun of them, and they cry at night. They also zerg like noobs.

  • At least, according
    the outdated Geek who still says "Zerg"


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