• Also known as the city of [New Orleans].

  • An ancient continent that [Plato] said had disappeared beneath the waves 9,000 years before his time (and at least 10,000 or 11,000 years before our time)... the beautiful land, synonmous with [Eden], was a place where all lived in peace and harmony.

    Often discarded as myth, Atlantis is all over, as the people fled the demise of their home and took their customs with them.

    There is a great deal of evidence that Atlantis existed in the area of [Indonesia] (remember, the Americas were not known of until [Columbus], so the Greeks concidered the whole ocean stretching from the coast of [Europe] to the coast of [Asia] to be the [Atlantic] Ocean.)

  • The lost city of the Ancients, originally in Antartica, now in the Pegasus Galaxy.

  • is not only the lost city but a amazing woman whos eyes can cause you to loose yourself because they are simply breath taking. she has a very deep soul filled with a lot of heart ache but somehow with all that heart ache she still loves and gives like her internal wounds arent there. some people mistake her kindness for weakness. the saying sugar and spice pertains to her because she can be very sweet but once crossed the demons within will seek vengance and when she strikes you wont see it coming. she can smile like nothing is going to happen and before you know it she devowers your every existance soul and all.

  • Gone for good, never to return.

  • A lost continent, existed in mythology but sunk

  • Big sunken place, allegedly. Hell, dont ask me, I couldnt even find info on their tourist board.

  • A large, sunken city, which is formally known as New Orleans.

  • The perfect man/ woman. Like the mythical city, he/she may or may not exist. This person possesses all of the positive attributes one could possibly desire.

  • Its called oregon, if anything is touching the ground, the mudd sucks it down into oblivion