• To make foolish by drink; to cause to become intoxicated.[Colloq.]I am too fuddled to take care to observe your orders. Steele.

    Fuddle meaning & definition 1 of Fuddle.

  • Any sexual position that involves cuddling and penetration at the same time. (ie, the spoon)

    Fuddle meaning & definition 2 of Fuddle.

  • A local word, used mostly in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, that means to sit comfortably and eat a variety of chocolates and sweets. Or cuddle up under lots of duvets and eat a variety of comforting sweets and chocolates or tuffees (another word for toffees).
    In another definition it can be done either on your own, or where a group of people get together and share sweets and other foods a bit like a picnic.

    Fuddle meaning & definition 3 of Fuddle.

  • fud·dle
    gerund or present participle: fuddling

    To cuddle (someone), and fuck simultaneously.

    Fuddle meaning & definition 4 of Fuddle.

  • the act of cuddling leading to fucking. Can we fuddle?

    Fuddle meaning & definition 5 of Fuddle.

  • A fuddle is a mixture of the words fuck and cuddle.

    Fuddle meaning & definition 6 of Fuddle.

  • When a man cuddles his partner whilst his penis is inserted in said partner.
    (Fuddle, Fuddled, Fuddling)

    Fuddle meaning & definition 7 of Fuddle.

  • A sexual situation involving fucking and cuddling afterwards.

    Fuddle meaning & definition 8 of Fuddle.

  • to fuck and cuddle; to alternate between fucking and cuddling.

    Fuddle meaning & definition 9 of Fuddle.

  • fuck and cuddle

    Fuddle meaning & definition 10 of Fuddle.

  • Confuse or stupefy (someone), especially with alcohol.

    Fuddle meaning & definition 11 of Fuddle.

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