• Often brings to mind the blonde, corn-fed farm girl from middle America, but describes a whole slew of different types of women/girls.

    Being wholesome does not make a girl average, ugly, or boring: In fact wholesome pretty much just means a hot girl that isnt jarringly gaudy, obnoxious or slutty.

  • Promoting [health] or [well-being] of body, mind, and/or soul.

    Sound in body, mind, or [morals].

    Somebody who is [pure of heart], devoid of [corruption] or [malice], [modest], [stable], [virtuous], and all-around [sweet] and [compassionate].

  • A word to discribe something thats swell. Like quaint, super, dandy or all-American.

  • As describing a work:

    1. Conservative propaganda written under the paper thin veil of being nonpolitical due to allegedly being common sense.
    2. A work so devoid of meaning that it successfully avoids conflicting with the sensibilities of anyone, by virtue of saying nothing noteworthy at all.
      As describing a person:
    3. Someone who consistently adheres to the superficial cultural markers associated with conservatism.
    4. A woman who happens to have been born with relatively unpronounced secondary sexual characteristics.

  • A person who is overweight; has hefty bodily qualities.

  • adj. antonym of sick or tite, something that is dull or a term used to describe a girl that is neither hot nor ugly.

  • Tending to promote health; favoring health;
    salubrious; salutary.


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