• A native of the Philippine Islands, specif. one of Spanishdescent or of mixed blood.

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    1. A race that is asian by geography, but has little in common with other asian nations. A hard working, industrious, and very strong family oriented people, but notoriously useless at organizing anything beyond chaos as a nation of people.

    2. An exceptional breed of gardener indigenous to a Southeast Asian island chain called the Philippines. A natural born weed whacker.

  • Filipino

  • This is my reply to qiuwpt’s definition of Filipinos:
    Filipinos are inhabitants of the Philippine Islands located in South-East Asia. First of all, we don’t say “homie”. And most of the people here are tan, not black. Where the prick did that come from? (Okay this part is not for qiuwpt).

    WE ARE NOT LAZY, ASSHOLE. If we are lazy, how the hell do most countries need our nurses, engineers, and architects? My brother is a LICENSED engineer, my cousins are LICENSED nurses and engineers, and I, will be an engineer in 4 years. I mean, c’mon, we’re not going to get our diplomas if we were all born lazy people. ALL COUNTRIES HAVE THIS KIND OF PEOPLE. And it’s not the Filipinos who are lazy, it’s the fucking government so don’t blame all the Filipinos for not getting your driver’s license in two weeks instead of 3 days.

    We don’t think that all foreigners are rich. We think that their countries itself are rich.

    Maybe, you’re a slow learner that you’re not even able to learn Tagalog that’s why you called it annoying. Not to mention you’ve been living in the Philippines for FIVE YEARS and you couldn’t even cite a better example of our language. BOBO KA KASI. TANGA PA. TAGALOG ISN’T ANNOYING. YOU ARE ANNOYING.

    OMFG. I can’t think of a better way to explain this. Sure, you must’ve heard a lot about Filipina women marrying foreigners but they don’t usually marry them because they’re rich. It’s because they love them. Sure, some of the Filipinos are gold-diggers and we can’t deny that but it’s one way of showing that Filipinos USE their head to get out of poverty. And where the fuck did you see this 60 AMERICAN DOMs with a young Filipina? Didn’t you even ask if they’re grandpas and granddaughters?

    We think that we’re better than our neighboring countries usually, because they don’t speak English fluently, like I do now and pardon if our country belongs to the third world countries but I, sure, am richer than you.

    We REALLY like having fun. Because we are not like those countries whose people work 24/7 and obliviously neglect their families (their husbands and kids) which often leads to divorce. Filipinos are very family-oriented people and broken families are rarely seen here.

    Yes, UP wasn’t in the Top 500 universities of the world and IDK why the Chinese got one of the ranks instead when they even go here as exchange-students, not to mention Koreans.

    MOST of us are short.

    I don’t know where you are living but Filipinos know how to shut their mouths when NECESSARY. Maybe you’re living at the squater’s area. Every country has it.

    HAHAHA. Desperate American wannabes? Yeah, we copy TV shows from the states but we BUY the copyrights. Dude, you definitely, are naive. Have you ever heard of a Kris Aquino who was invited to co-host in the American version of Deal or No Deal? And have you, yourself, been invited to that kind of show? In short—NO.

    LMFAO. Tag-lish is just one of the ways Filipinos do fun. And even if they do it seriously, at least, they try to speak it or at least, know how to speak it although not fluently, unlike our neighboring countries whose natives even go here to learn your damn language. And my gosh, some European countries do mix their own language with English, too, like Slovak or German. It’s not only the Filipinos who do that.

    Our diet is meat and rice. True. Because we don’t excessively get fat. Most of us have good metabolism that no matter how many cupful of rice or meats we eat, we don’t get fat like those obnoxious stupid American racists like you. I’m not fat for the record.

    And of course, we are proud to have Spanish blood. You’re so jealous. But I don’t mean to say that we’re not proud of our Filipino blood. FYI, we are the mix blood of both western and eastern countries (Japanese, Spanish, American) That’s what makes Filipinos, with the exceptionality of the Filipina charm, special people.
    You truly have no idea about the history of the Philippines. We’re not enslaved by the Spaniards for “3000” years, dumbass. You better do your researching first before discriminating our race.

    And all our ancestors looked like monkeys before, even your ancestor, douche bag. I suggest you read The Theory of Evolution since you are so stupid. AND WE REALLY ARE SHORT, so as our neighboring countries.
    And what the hell, don’t eat at KFC if you don’t like Fried Chicken served with rice. We have Fridays, Burger King, and Kenny Rogers. You can it there.
    And our accents don’t matter as long as we speak your freaking language fluently. And at least we know to speak more than 1 language.
    And we have dentists to treat our messed up teeth.

  • Filipino

  • Filipinos are a froud peoples pram da Pillippine Islands.

  • Filipino

  • The Mexicans of Asia. end.

  • Filipino

  • People who hail from a group of 7000 islands in Southeast Asia called the Republic of the Philippines.

    Are considered Asians due to geographical location, yet Pacific Islanders due to cultural characteristics.

    Though there are MANY stereotypes such as: short, lazy, rice-lovers, flat-nosed, poor, rich, cocky, etc. Don't believe what you hear or instantly think it is the truth. Just like any other race, there are short people, tall people, dark-skinned, lighter-toned, smaller eyed, big eyed, lazy, hard-working, rich, poor, middle class. They are just like any other race when it comes to characteristics. The Filipinos in america are stereotyped as ballers and gangsters. But like any other race, there are people who dress different ways! Just because a Filipino wears Nike dunks doesn't mean they all do! (Not that that's a bad thing). But, people need to STOP discriminating and hating on them, or anyone else for that matter. They're just people, and should be treated as such.

    Just people a lot of Filipinos are flat


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