• Stands for Parameter Random Access Memory, and is pronounced P-ram. PRAM is a type of memory found in Macintosh computers that stores system settings. These settings include display settings (like screen resolution and color depth), the time zone setting, speaker volume, and the startup volume choice. The system settings that are stored in the computers PRAM differ from Mac to Mac, but the purpose of the memory remains the same.
    If your Macintosh is behaving erratically or is not booting up all the way, you may want to try resetting the PRAM. You can reset or zap the PRAM on a Mac by pressing and holding the Command, Option, P, and R keys right as you turn the computer on. Yes, there are four keys you need to hold down at the same time. Once your hear the startup chime a second time, the PRAM has been reset and you can release the keys.
    Note that if you choose to zap your PRAM, you may need to set your display, time zone, startup volume, and other affected settings using System Preferences. Some firmware updates may reset your PRAM as part of their installation process, which will means you will have to reset the affected settings after the installation.

  • Pornographic Real-time Spam

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  • Acronym for Pornagraphic Random Access Memory.
    Unlike standard DRAM, or SDRAM which is the memory used in computers.
    PRAM Is memory specifically used in electronic devices such as IPODs, Blackberrys, etc

  • A hairy creature,thought to be found in the deep reaches of the amazon.It has never be seen, but many explorers and wildlife experts have come across its droppings excreted near banana plantations and Marshmallow factories. Those who have had the luxury of seeing it describe it as a mix between a wombat and an asian elephant with great wide blue trunks to scoop up banana skins for food. It answers to the call of the diggeridoo. In New Zealand, a pram is a greeting used when you first meet someone who has particularly distinct features.

  • Noun. Amalgam of Prick and Bam (see [Bam]).

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  • the definition of a dead meme