• The doctrine that a soul is specially created for each humanbeing as soon as it is formed in the womb; -- opposed totraducianism.

  • The idea that two centuries of consistent scientific data by thousands of logical minds is wrong and that Earth and life were not created by a causal chain of events but by an infinitely knowing, loving and powerful--yet seemingly indecisive and possibly bipolar--deity in less than a week. Its strongest argument is its compelling assertion that if you don't believe in it, you'll go to Hell with everyone Jerry Falwell finds personally distasteful and you'll all roast for eternity while demons gangrape you with white-hot tridents.

  • The result of Christians' insane refusal to accept that their religious doctrines are wrong.

  • The belief that you know more about science than an actual scientist.

  • Lies, fairytales, bullshit.

  • A word that refers ONLY to the specific creation myth that the world was created as per the book of Genesis, and the people who try to defend that story as the literal truth.

  • The modern equivalent of a geocentric universe. Science proves irrefutably that causal, linear events led up to the ecosystem we see today. Since this idea just so happens to go against Christian doctrine, it is condemned by many Christians, who put forth a pseudoscience known as creationism, or intelligent design, in response.

    Creationism is non-scientific, as there is no way to test it using empirical data. Many creationists see perceived flaws in evolutionary theory as proof that creationism is true and provable. This is not true because

    1.The so-called flaws are rooted in the misunderstanding or ignoring of the mechanics of evolution. Arguments such as irreducible

  • This is a belief which was invented to explain why we are all here. Basically it states that the world was created by some greater being (God). But then who created God? The theory of Creationsim falls flat through stating the Earth is thousands of years old, despite the fact it was proved to be billions of years old through scientific research. Creationists mock the theory of evolution and condemn the teaching of evolution at school. Evolution seems like the most sensible theory to me. Ah, but then howcome there are so many gaps in the evolutionary pathway? For one thing, it is a real fluke that an animal survives in fossil form, a billion-to-one chance requiring exactly the right geological conditions. Yes, we have a lot of skeletons in museums, but they are nothing when you consider how many animals have existed over the history of time. For another thing, it has been suggested that evolution takes place in jumps rather than gradually (a new, more evolved species suddenly starts appearing, gradualy takes over the older species). As for the teaching of evolution at school, it is taught as a theory. You don't have to believe in it. On the other hand, teaching Creationism at school involves indoctrinating children. I still remember being told that God