• The war cry, or gathering word, of a Highland clan in Scotland;hence, any rallying cry. Sir W. Scott.

    A 'slogan' is a [phrase] used to [attract attention], as in [advertising].

    A 'slogan' is a [rallying cry], as of a [political party].

    A 'slogan' is originally, the [war cry] or [gathering cry] of [Scottish Highland] and [Irish clans].

  • A short, catchy phrase, small enough to fit on a button, t-shirt, or a bumper sticker, usually used as a substitute for thought. Often degenerates into a [mantra], usually diffused with [facts].

  • (slow·gan) noun

    1. Phrase memorized by [cult] followers to insure the continuation of the [cult].
    2. Advertising [gimmick] used by corporations to get free advertising.
    3. Phrases memorized by people who can not think for themselves.

  • A trends which is publicized and later on slowly achieving it divinity catch on from person to person sharing a same understanding of the subject.

  • a racist idiot who stereotypes and thinks that if yur a democrat yur an idiot but is really and imbassal themselves