• The Scotch shepherd dog. There are two breeds, the rough-hairedand smooth-haired. It is remarkable for its intelligence, displayedespecially in caring for flocks. [Written also colly, colley.]

  • MARIJUANA... term used by rastafarians and jamaicans

  • One of the many nicknames for marijuana, such as [pot], [weed], [herb], [ganja], etc. A man who sells marijuana is known as a [collie man].

  • Jamaican [rastafarian] slang for [marijuana], typically used to describe a person with marijuana available for sale, as in [collie man]. Word origin is from East Indian migrant workers (also responsible for the slang [ganja]), who would invoke the name of East Indian goddess Kali, in reference to femininity and potency. Note: marijuana's most-potent bit is the flower of an unpollinated female plant ([sensimilla]).

  • The most beautiful breed of dog in the world. The best breed there is PERIOD.

    Known for it's sweet disposition, loyalty, and protectiveness.
    The Collie comes in a variety of colors. Sable, Tri-color, Blue merle, and White.

    1. A breed of dog known for its herding ability
    2. A huge bitch who draws strange crap when she isn't hugging puppies

  • a cute girl usually with very long hair and big soft eyes that are really dirty girls on the inside, but you can't tell from the outside.

  • a coal mining town in the south-west of WA, Australia
    Full of inbreds and Pot Addicts
    Often Refered to as - the

  • A rather abrasive young women with the smartest sense of humor. She loves puppies and occasionally draws strange things and puts them on the internet.


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