• A spear or javelin used to strike and kill large fish, aswhales; a harping iron. It consists of a long shank, with a broad,fiat, triangular head, sharpened at both edges, and is thrown byhand, or discharged from a gun. Harpoon fork, a kind of hayfork,consisting of bar with hinged barbs at one end a loop for a rope atthe other end, used for lifting hay from the load by horse power.-- Harpoon gun, a gun used in the whale fishery for shooting theharpoon into a whale.

  • To make love with an extremely overweight person(s) by entering her body.... just about anywhere you could find:
    Dimples, rolls, clefts, jowls, over hang... well you get the idea.

  • A harmonica (southern argot/slang?)

  • For [seamen] the call of Harpoon! is a call of distress when a particularly dangerous sea monster is approaching their vessel. In modern culture this is used by young males to communicate their concern for an inebriated friend being attracted to a morbidly [obese] or outrageously unattractive female or [transvestite].

    1. Weapon used for killing whales.

    2. Alcoholic beverage made of Gatorade and Captain Morgan's Parrot Bay. The ultimate Drink.

  • a syringe to shoot drugs

  • What you man when there's a whale about.

  • Harpoon is slang for a hypodermic syringe.

    Medically, the harpoon is described as the rod that is used to push the contents through the needle.

  • The battle cry called out to alert members of ones team that a shoulder launched rocket is going to be fired. In reference to the [Rocket Propelled Grednade] ([RPG]) looking like a whaling tool on some online applications.


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