• An authoritative command or order to do something; an
    effectual decree.

  • A horrible car to buy that breaks down all the time.

  • Largest Italian car manufacturer.
    Fiat group as of today FULLY owns most other Italian car brands, such as Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Maserati and most notably [Ferrari]. Fiat managed to acquire the most prestigious automotive brands by producing cheap cars that break often.

  • FIAT is Italys largest automobile manufacturer. The acronym stands for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino which means in English Italian Car Manufacturer of Torino, Torino/Turin being the Italian city of headquarters. Fiat earned a poor quality reputation in the 1970s due mostly to build quality problems resulting from Italian labor union disputes as well as cheap Russian steel used at the time which rusted easily. Modern Fiats are actually pretty respectable thanks to modernization of materials and manufacturing processes, unfortunately most Americans still think of the old phrase Fix It Again Tony because Fiat has not sold cars in North America since 1982 and therefore that is the last Fiat anyone there has usually seen. Even the older Fiats are not as bad as their reputation in many cases, they have often earned undue criticism thanks to owners and mechanics who in the 70s had little experience working on strange little foreen cars as all they had ever touched were big American engines. As a result of poor maintenance Fiats reputation was worsened even further. Fiat makes an array of fun, interesting and innovative cars under the brands FIAT, LANCIA, ALFA ROMEO and MASERATI. Fiat also owns controlling interest in Ferrari.

  • Italys largest car producer, which makes cheap, economic cars for people who dont mind if their car gets [keyed] or is even in an accident. The crude engine will carry on regardless. Makes around a thousand a day in comparison to Ferraris 0-13 per day.

  • Failure.In.Automobile.Technology

    the worst fucking types of cars on this earth, donkeys and camels are worth more then these cars

  • Italian automotive manufacturer from Turin. Now stands alone in the Italian automotive industry, helping companies like Alfa Romeo and Lancia keep going by buying them up when on the brink of collapsing, forming what is now called the Fiat Group.
    Fiats car have traditionally had a reputation for being problematic, especially electricals. This in part is because as a nation, Italy was very poor after World War 2, and the public couldnt afford high quality cars, so quality control was almost non-existant.
    The Panda in the 80s was a very popular little runaround, and was the real definition of a city car with its ultra low running costs.
    After many years of constant jokes against the all round quality, as of mid 2000s, motoring experts are starting to warm more towards Fiats cars. Now Fiat hopes to convince the public.

  • stands for Fix It Again Tony.

  • Fucking Italian Attempt (at) Transport

    Also according to one member of the TopGear audience made in France...

    1. An act or command without act of something.
    2. To dictate. An authoritative determination.
    3. An arbitrary order or to decree.
    4. Latin for let it be done.
    5. An Italian automobile of Turin.

  • A formal authorization or proposition; a decree.