• fucking in a strange place and/or position.

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  • A replacement for the word fucking used in on the internet and in chatrooms, usually to avoid trouble from an [admin] or [moderator].

  • Facking

    1. When a group of people in a niche culture only discuss the aspects of said culture in a way that is inaccessible to all others.

    2. Geeking out over something no one else understands.

  • Facking

  • Like the word fucking except with an A instead of a U. Used to exaggerate a feeling or emotion. Invented by Laura Sides but stolen by Ryan Pate.

  • Facking

  • v. to yak, while fucking.

  • Facking

  • VERB

    1. fake [hacking]. usually done when using javascript commands such as

    javascript: document.body.contentEditable = true; document.designMode = on; void 0

    or using some web browsers ability to edit the source code (ie [Google Chrome]s inspect element function).
    this is done to edit the webpage, and is widely regarded as hacking.

    1. when someone (usually girls) opens up [facebook] on a friends computer and see that their friend is logged in, and posts as that friend.

    However, neither of these are actually hacking, as there is no permanent edit on the actually website itself, and the web server was not broken into to achieve this.

  • Facking

  • Having sex whilst really tired; fucking while knackered

  • Facking

  • Irish word for fucking.


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