1. The act of looking around in a hurried and urgent manner.
    2. To pry into the private affairs of others, especially by prowling about

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  • is the action of both sneezing and pooping at the same time.
    usually the sneeze causes this action; however some people experience snooping because they are allergic to shit which causes them to sneeze.

  • Snooping

  • Snooping occurs in groups of people while smoking weed. Its when youre taking more hits than youre supposed to, and playing it off like you havent yet.

    The term comes from how Snoop Dogg smokes weed.

  • Snooping

  • The pseudo-sexual act (normally performed as a prank) of placing a funnel in a friend/roomates butthole, and peeing into the funnel from three to five feet away.

    The act is normally performed by college-age males, but it can be performed for sexual gratification.


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