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  • Also called Nihon.
    Nippon/Nihon means Japan.
    Nippon is the name of Japan called by Japanese people.

    Kanji letter combination means origin of sun.

    In my theory, the reading ways of kanji letters (=Chinese letters) in Japanese and Chinese are different.
    Sound of Japan is transformed from Chinese way of reading when ancient time travelled long way from eastern Asia to Europe.

  • Nippon

  • Nippon is the name Japanese call their country: often used as a war cry exactly the same like USA calls in sports games.
    It should be noteworthy that usually peace-loving Japanese would prefer to call their country Nihon, because during WW2 they were forced to call their homeland Dai-Nippon-Teikoku that means Great Imperial Japan.

  • Nippon

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  • Nippon

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