• 1.Russian made fighters that show how minorities could change the fate of Russian/Soviet weapon technology (Mikoyan was Armenian and Gurevich was Jewish). The initial fighters were fast, but little else....meaning they could escape from the Germans but not stay and shoot. MiG improved their fighters and started to build top of the line fighter aircraft. The MiG-21 is the most mass produced fighter in the world with 21,000 in service. The MiG-25 can go mach 2.8. However, the MiG company was bought out in 1996 and mainly makes stunt aircraft and corporate jets now. MiGs also pale in comparison to the mighty Sukhoi fighters that now make up a lot of Russias arsenal.

    1. Slang for any Russian fighter.

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  • MiG is the design initials for Mikoyan(formerly Mikoyan-Gurevich), a Russian design Bureau-turned-manufacturer. Founded in 1938 by Artem Mikoyan and Mikhail Gurevich, MiG primarily designs fighter aircraft for soviet/russian service. MiG made some pretty good fighters in WW2 but really became legendary during the [Korean War] with the MiG-15, which was at least equal with the best of contemporary western fighters. After the vietnam war, however, MiGs have been consistently whooped by American fighters such as the [F-15]. However, this is probably due to the fact that most MiGs involved in wars since the 1970s were downgraded export models flown by poorly trained pilots.

    During the Cold War, MiG fighters were the types that American fighters were designed against, due to the fact that dozens of countries around the eastern bloc and third world used the type. MiG Diplomacy was a coin termed to describe the Soviet practice of giving newly formed countries a gift of MiG fighters. All production MiG fighters have odd-numbered designations, because stalin said so back in the 1950s. Stalins long dead, but MiG keeps up the tradition.

    Since the 1990s, MiG hasnt seemed to be doing much, thanks to economic hard times in russia and having the spotlight stolen by the well-connected [Sukhoi] corporation. Nonetheless, MiG managed to pop out the weird looking but kickass MiG-1.44 prototype, as well as several upgraded Fulcrums.

  • Mig

  • Metal Inert Gas. A form of gas shielded arc welding that consists of a gun which feeds metal wire into an arc shielded by an inert gas or gas mixture. Produces high quality welds compared to SMAW (stick welding) but not as good as TIG welds. Also, like TIG, MIG cannot be used in an environment with heavy winds as this dissipates the shielding gas.The exception to this rule is if flux core wire is used, then little or no shielding gas is needed.

  • Mig

  • A small African American child.

    Most Migs play basketball.

    It is a more politically correct term for ni__er.

    One distinction between a Mig and a Nig is that a Mig generally has extremely small and skinny limbs, although both are generally good at sports.

  • Mig

  • a member of a football hooligan gang that follows Luton Town FC

    Stands for Men In Gear

  • Mig

  • MIG is an acronym for Most Inappropriate Guest. This term is used to designate the person at a party or event who is the most inappropriate based on their actions.

    MIG can be a noun or a verb depending on the usage.

  • Mig

  • Mig is a Peruvian abbreviation of Miguel. He is known as an internet prodigy, with his immense gaming and social skills, he has rapidly earned the respect of higher internet users.
    Migs appearance is currently unknown, but by being stereotypical about his country, we can assume that he looks like a lamb, cross bred with a llama. Mig is an easy-going internet user, who finds it easy to socialize, Mig is also known for occasionally trolling, however, his true skills in that department are unknown. Mig also shows promise in the form of arts and graphics, some of Migs greatest work include numerous Hayley Williams signatures.


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