• Of or pertaining to the north; being in the north, or
    nearer to that point than to the east or west.

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  • In the United Kingdom, North of Birmingham. Its where the greatest people on Earth live.
    Great northern people include [Geoffrey Boycott], [Sean Bean].
    Great northern cities include [Sheffield], [Leeds], [Sunderland], [Manchester] and [Liverpool].
    Great inventions in the north include Trains, TVs, [Banapkin]s and Pie.
    It is a well established fact that the north finished on the winning side of every war ever fought, including the [alamo] and [Pearl Harbour].
    The tell tales signs that youre in the north are gravy, bitter, violence, streets paved with gold and battered housewives.

  • Northern

  • a word used to discribe someone who originates from up north of england.

    renowned for liking [bitter], roast dinners, darts

  • Northern

  • An adjective to describe something alien to you and your current state of mind.


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