• A type of gesture used to honor someone in the military. Commonly, a salutation is performed by standing upright, with your legs together, and placing your open hand (with fingers together) next to your forehead.

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  • (literally: to your health)

    cheers (said before drinking)
    bless you (said after sneezing)

    Many Italians say this. The actual proper phrase should be Alla Salute, but everyone usually says Salute or Al Salute

  • Salute

  • A picture you take of yourself to verify your identity on the Internet. To make a salute, you take a picture of yourself holding up a sign of some sort that says your user name or e-mail address, depending on the sort of site it is. For instance, on LiveJournal your sign would say your user name, and for MySpace your sign would say your e-mail address. The salute is more or less only used for sites where you post pictures of yourself and is in existence due to the fact that there are so many people who steal other peoples photos and claim to be that person, and when you have another picture of yourself being the person that is in the photos clearly holding up a sign saying the user name you are under, it is indisputable that you are the person in the photos you have posted.

  • Salute

  • To salute a girl, you either get head or have sex with a girl and right before you cum, you pull out and let it go across her forehead. Then you do a military salute and walk out

  • Salute

  • salute means slut but its said so the female breed dont know what you are talking about. Salute minus the a and e spells slut


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