• One of the crooked timbers which are scarfed together to formthe lower part of the compound rib of a vessel; one of the crookedtransverse timbers passing across and over the keel. Futtock plates(Naut.), plates of iron to which the dead-eyes of the topmast riggingare secured.-- Futtock shrouds, short iron shrouds leading from the upper partof the lower mast or of the main shrouds to the edge of the top, orthrough it, and connecting the topmast rigging with the lower mast.Totten.

  • fut-tock. (n.) - An extremely hairy pubic region located on the female mons veneris, extending past the genitalia to the anus and buttocks.

  • The concrete balls which are placed on the top of gateposts.

  • An iritating person or fool, sounds rude but isnt.


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