• One whose trade it is to make or sell gloves. Glover's sutureor stitch, a kind of stitch used in sewing up wounds, in which thethread is drawn alternately through each side from within outward.

  • noun - [shitting] oneself, to [shart], particularly during an endurance sport, such as an Ironman triathlon.

  • It is synonymous with wounded soldier. Can be used as an adjective, noun or verb.

    It is when someone opens another beer when there is a small amount of beer left in their bottle/can and claim that it is only backwash and hops left in the beer.

  • Ripping and a tearing, fine fine woman

  • A Guy that eats Gloves
    This Runs through the Anderson Family.

    This Diease includes Trish, Phil, Glover And the other Three Fucked kids.
    Their ages combined = 483

  • A Conservative Party defense mechanism which attempts to deny knowledge of people, places, or things that they have been called onto national television to discuss. A glover was first employed by CPC member of parliament Shelly Glover on Power and Politics, when she stated that she didnt know who Tom Flanagan was to deflect his critique of her Supreme Leader, PM S.J. Harper.

  • The act of spooning someone, but one persons flipped head-to-toe, so that your privates are hitting the back of their neck and their ass is in your face.

    1. A gay lover.
    2. A man who is best friends with a woman who he is not and will never be attracted to but deeply loves and adores her. Is usually very knowledable on the subject of beauty, fashion, and new trends.

  • the best guy friend anyone could ever have. smart, talented, great body, hawt and most of all sweet. hes the type of person you would go to the end of the earth for. never a dull moment when you are around him. he always makes you laugh!

  • Someone involved in the fetishistic sexual act of [sprocketing]. The glover is the one who bites the [choker] on the throat until he draws blood.


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