• A monument in the form of a cross, or surmounted bu a cross,set up in a public place; as, a market cross; a boundary cross;Charing Cross in London.Dun-Edin's Cross, a pillared stone, Rose on a turret octagon. Sir W.Scott.

  • A version of saying that you are mad at some one. Never to be used in past tenseUse only in British english.

  • A religious icon that has led math puzzles addicts to creatively create a number of fiendish geometric problems to bedevil both students and teachers.

  • Something you nail people too.

  • An awesome dude who can be a friend for life. If a friend pisses him off, he usually forgives them. If he gets a girlfriend, she will be treated like a queen and loved forever. He will tell his closest friends or those who he has befriended his secrets and is hysterical. Word of warning though, Cross has been betrayed, back-stabbed, broken up with, cheated on, or bullied before so he feels vulnerable. This explains why he is sometimes shy with those who he doesnt know or even with his friends. He is smart, awesome, and funny. If a girl gets him, she better not cheat on him, hurt his feelings, or break up with him and see if she can get back together with him because he has already been hurt and will not risk being hurt again.

  • In reference to the letter X in the word extreme, the word cross is used to describe something extreme such as an event, disruption, sport, or everyday living scenario.

    *Inspired by Mountain Dew and Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.

  • when ur hella [salty] with someone

  • Become initiated in a Fraternity or Sorority.

  • Cross is the name of the bounty hunter in Need for Speed: Carbon. He drives a [Chevrolet Corvette Z06] (Also known as the Cross Corvette Z06 in the game) and is Extremely difficult to take out in a police chase... Although if you do manage to take him out you get a 100-200k bounty fine.


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