• A small figure used as a playing piece in certain board games, having a stylized human form.

    Meeple meaning & definition 1 of Meeple.

  • A [generic] term for little [wooden] [figures] used in german board gaming.

    Meeple meaning & definition 2 of Meeple.

  • A [cutesy], girlish-sounding word taken from [the German] game Carcassonne, this word has been adapted to have many meanings, such as That sucks or [Oh crap]. It can also be a verbal expression of a sigh or puppy-dog face. Whatever the usage, the word is usually expressing sadness or disappointment.

    Meeple meaning & definition 3 of Meeple.

  • Often used in [fanfiction] [circles].
    Can mean [sadness], or happynesss or can just be used to make you sound cute and innocent.

    Meeple meaning & definition 4 of Meeple.

  • A form of greeting, most frequently used in [instant messaging] conversations [cos] you sound silly if you [shout] it out in the street.

    Meeple meaning & definition 5 of Meeple.

  • Someone who uses [the word] ([meep]) constantly.

    An [Idiot]

    Meeple meaning & definition 6 of Meeple.

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