• Neighborhood in [Southeast Portland] with a reputation for being progressive, creative and all things [counter-culture], though rapidly succumbing to [californication].

    Hawthorne meaning & definition 1 of Hawthorne.

  • A city in southwestern California, south of Los Angeles; population 84,305 (est. 2008).

    Hawthorne meaning & definition 2 of Hawthorne.

  • Area south of Los Angeles International [Airport] known [for its] [jankiness].

    Hawthorne meaning & definition 3 of Hawthorne.

  • n.

    A spiky bush or tree found in Europe, northwestern Africa, and western Asia. Reaches 13 feet in height and grows along the edges of woods and forests. Has smooth, gray bark and sharp thorns which grow along the branches. The leaves are [dark green] with shiny, bluish-green undersides, and have irregular tooth margins. [Snow white] flowers bloom from May to June and grow in terminal corymbs.

    One of the two flowers for [the month of May]

    Hawthorne meaning & definition 4 of Hawthorne.

  • A [hawthorne] is the act of giving a blow job upside down.
    For example, a girl would be laying down on a couch while the man comes above her and begins to [throat fuck] her. The balls then [bounce on] her fore-head while she continues to blow the dude.

    Hawthorne meaning & definition 5 of Hawthorne.

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