• A modulation or inflection of the voice.

    Cadence meaning & definition 1 of Cadence.

  • The most amazing, wonderful adorable girl youll ever meet. She cares deeply for her friends and always tells the truth. She will protect you at all costs even if it will hurt her she will do anything to make her friends happy. If you are lucky enough to date a [cadence], hold her to your heart and never let go of her. She may struggle with [self-esteem] issues but if you help her and remind her of how amazing she really is, she will be happy. She already is a genuinely happy person but being with a specific person can make her be even more filled with joy and happiness. She is [a weirdo] but if you love her just enough, she will never leave you unless you really [break her] heart. If you are stupid enough to break her heart its possible that her best friend will hunt you down and knock some sense into you. Dont take her for granted.

    Cadence meaning & definition 2 of Cadence.

  • One of the most amazing girls you will ever meet. Shes kind, sweet, loyal, and more beautiful than she realizes. If you have her [as a friend], you have a friend for life. If you are lucky enough to have her as a girlfriend, youd better love and [cherish] her. She has a more aggressive side at times and is an amazing [kisser]. If you are foolish enough to break up with her you will regret it for the rest of your life.

    Cadence meaning & definition 3 of Cadence.

  • [cadence]: a girl with an amazing [sense of humor] and [personality]. loves her friends and family. she has the most beautiful hair and eyes, and everyone wants to be just like her.

    Cadence meaning & definition 4 of Cadence.

  • a [beautiful] [little girl]

    Cadence meaning & definition 5 of Cadence.

  • [rhythm] of [the beat] (adding your own [personal] style)

    Cadence meaning & definition 6 of Cadence.

  • Beat played by the [drumline] in between songs while [marching] parades. [mucho] catchy.

    Cadence meaning & definition 7 of Cadence.

  • A shy girl who seems like it but once you [warm up] to her and she knows you better she’s such a funny person. She has different types of humor from other girls and different jokes. She has jokes that are actually funny. She’s beautiful even though she denies it. She’s been hurt and she’s insecure. She’s scared to be hurt again so she doesn’t trust so easily. If she opens up to you don’t loose that. She laughs a lot and she’s loyal. She doesn’t hoe around and you can trust her with anything. She’s also a quick replier She tries to denies her feelings and you’ll almost never see her cry. She hides them so you [don’t ask] [what’s wrong]. She doesn’t want to seem dramatic so she hides her emotions. She’s unique, and kind. Find yo self a Cadence

    Cadence meaning & definition 8 of Cadence.

  • A smart talented beautiful girl who is [self conscious] and [doubtful] at times but always comes through and will never let [you down]

    Cadence meaning & definition 9 of Cadence.

  • The texting platform built exclusively for higher ed helping schools reach students in their preferred method while saving staff time. A software product by Mongoose

    Cadence meaning & definition 10 of Cadence.

  • Texting platform built exclusively for higher ed helping schools reach constituents in their preferred method while saving staff time. A software product by Mongoose

    Cadence meaning & definition 11 of Cadence.

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