• A genus of carnivorous mammals, including the domestic cat, thelion, tiger, panther, and similar animals.

  • The name of a [female] [human] who becomes a [girlfriend] to a would-be [male] human [companion] after meeting during an [Internet] [dating] [project]. The Felis convinces would-be male that she would, indeed, bring home many other female humans for [sexual] [playtime] with any would-be male companion that the Felis could call her very own if given half a chance. Using this cunning [camo], the Felis incites her would-be male companion into [marriage] when, in fact, the Felis never did intend to actually bring home another female human as a third party for sexual [play] with her now [hitched] male companion. Oh no. This was, in fact, nothing more than [pillow talk].


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