• Of or pertaining to Wales, or its inhabitants. [Sometimeswritten also Welch.] Welsh flannel, a fine kind of flannel made fromthe fleece of the flocks of the Welsh mountains, and largelymanufactured by hand.-- Welsh glaive, or Welsh hook, a weapon of war used in former timesby the Welsh, commonly regarded as a kind of poleax. Fairholt. Craig.-- Welsh mortgage (O. Eng. Law), a species of mortgage, being aconveyance of an estate, redeemable at any time on payment of theprincipal, with an understanding that the profits in the mean timeshall be received by the mortgagee without account, in satisfactionof interest. Burrill.-- Welsh mutton, a choice and delicate kind of mutton obtained froma breed of small sheep in Wales.-- Welsh onion (Bot.), a kind of onion (Allium fistulosum) havinghollow inflated stalks and leaves, but scarcely any bulb, a native ofSiberia. It is said to have been introduced from Germany, and issupposed to have derived its name from the German term wälschforeign.-- Welsh parsley, hemp, or halters made from hemp. [Obs.

  • A race that is misunderstood by their neighbours the [English] due to their craftiness and intelligence. The English call the Welsh sheep-shaggers due to an old trick used by the Welsh against their gullible English neighbours in medievel times, when the English had a nasty habit of fucking sheep. When Wales adopted English law they noticed the penalty for shagging a sheep was less than stealing one (due to the English's habit) so whenever they were caught stealing a sheep they would instead say they were planning to fuck it instead to avoid the fine.
    Therefore there is a very long list of crimes involving Welshmen shagging sheep, although it is only the English who would actually ever fuck a sheep, it is just another example of the Welsh tricking the English once again.

  • A beautiful, and cultured people, who although live on a tiny part of the British Isles, have a colourful, interesting, and varied backround.
    The Welsh suffered badly at the hands of the English, during the times of rulers such as Edward Longshanks, and even had their language ruled as illegal. ( cos the stupid git didn't have the intellect to learn the language, and as many overstuffed, self righteous Englishmen, thought everyone was talking about him.)
    The Welsh are proud, hardworking, and have survived, and will continue to survive any adversity.
    The Welsh now have a government of their own, ( which, granted, is pretty shit at the moment) but is a step in the right direction. Despite all that has been done to try and break the Welsh spirit, they have battled on, and are now a recognised country in their own standiing again.
    Sadly, there are still a few pathetic pretend Irishmen, like the one who has left a comment just above, who think that because their very distant ancestors had a rough time, everyone else should feel sorry for them, and pay their way for them for the rest of their lives, just because a very small minoroty of them didn't have the guts to hold on to their heritage. PIKEY.

  • Gods along with the Irish. The Welsh and Irish kick ass and if you don't like that fuck off!

  • A race of people who are discriminated against by the English. A proud (sometimes stubborn) clever people who live in Wales. Because of poverty and discimination, many Welshmen herd sheep, farm, or mine. In America, Welsh immigrants are renown miners and and hardworkers, especially in Western PA. Never call a Welshman a welcher, or he'll kick your ass. Never call a Welshman english, or he'll kick your ass. The English discriminate against annd think they are better than the Welsh, so the Welsh don't like the english. The Welsh love shepards pie!

  • It's like belonging to any nationality.
    You are proud to be where you are from, you have love for your country and long for it's comforts. The [Welsh] come from many traditions and patriotism is one of the oldest. And we have every right to be patriotic. We are a strong principality, despite the discrimination we face not just from out brother and sister neighbouring countries but by our Government. One of the oldest languages in Europe and the first people in Britain and we're still alive and fighting. That is something to be proud of.

    I truly love my country. I am proud of everything it possess and stands for. Freedom. Unity. Patriotism. Talent. Love. And I may travel and move away from home, but I will NEVER forget the land I came from because, to me, it's the perfect home.

  • people who live in the small country Wales which is in Britain. Welsh peple are usually honest friendly people who like the sport rugby. in Wales some gardens have sheep in them.

  • Cool people that come from wales (Cymru) and speeks the language welsh (Cymraig) welsh people are often hard (caled) but very friendly

  • the welsh are very friendly, help anyone in time are need, verytight-knit community that favour friendliness and kindness, they are very hard workers who spend more time working than socialising due to hardship and poverty, generally welsh peopla are great people its just they are often discriminated by the engish as being dumb or stupid or lack general social skills, even thought most welsh people have degrees or university qualifications, they enjoy their drink at oftens help them get through life, the biggest issue in wales is the discrimination between people who are rich and people who live in hardship, once people realise that life isnt all about money and social class

  • These people are acused of shagging sheep by their dim witted English neighbours. When they are accused of this, they reply thats

  • A cultured race of good people who keep getting put down by asshole Englishmen. Now, let me tell you right now, not all Welshmen hate the British. That is a stereotype. But a lot of British do hate the Welsh, as you can see by all those unprovoked sheep-shagging jokes.(Haha. Shagging. Thats so fuckin British. Whats the matter, fuck is too strong for you well-bred English?) I was flying on an airplane once, having a nice conversation with this British woman for most of the flight. Then I tell her Im Welsh, and what does she do? She says, oh, thats too bad. And she doesnt speak to me the rest of the flight. Whatever. I guess every race has its assholes. Oh, and not all Welsh people tend sheep and mine, and like shepards pie. But Ill admit, a lot do.

  • People who are from the country of Wales. Wales is a country in the UK, and its capital - as well as the largest city - is Cardiff. Welsh may refer to the people of Wales or their Welsh accent.


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