• A person who acts as an agent for foreign organizations engaged in investment, trade, or economic or political exploitation.

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  • (SOCIOLOGY) merchant class in a colony; usually dependent on exports of raw material from [the colony] (or former colony) in exchange for overpriced imports from the former colonial power.
    As a class, the compradors are usually nationalistic--they usually want the trappings of independence. However, they are totally dependent on the global economy and its structure of hegemony. The rich nations benefit from excellent [terms of trade], specialization in manufactured goods or intellectual property, etc.
    After nominal independence, the comprador class usually become very powerful in the former colony; major powers like the USA or the EU ensure the comprador remain the de facto leaders of the colony. Anti-US rhetoric is usually just [political theater] or may reflect petty rivalry on the part of the compradors with their foreign masters.

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