• A continent of the northern hemisphere, separated from Africa to the south by the Mediterranean Sea and from Asia to the east roughly by the Bosporus, the Caucasus Mountains, and the Ural Mountains. Europe contains approximately 20 per cent of the world

    Europe meaning & definition 1 of Europe.

  • To go [europe] means to vomit. It comes from the sound one makes when [tossing] their [cookies].

    Europe meaning & definition 2 of Europe.

  • The most blood soaked continent on earth.
    Its history filled with violence and [prosecution]. (looking at you christians)
    Ironic as it may be, it is now a place [of peace], [free thinking], acceptance and technological advancement.

    Europe meaning & definition 3 of Europe.

  • Europe - The worlds greatest [masterminds] and the [worlds biggest] criminals happen to born there.
    Europe is also the home of the most ancients and finest civilizations. Democracy was invented there almost 2000 years before white settlers set their [feets] on american ground.
    Citizens of the EU are thinking of their union as an economical and political superpower. Indeed, they could be a superpower, if they would start to agree with each other. But History has shown, that something like that will never happen: the last 60 years were the longest period of freedom ever on the european continent.
    They try to solve problems with diplomacy even when someones shooting at them.

    Europe meaning & definition 4 of Europe.

  • The best [continent] in [the world], with the best [countries] in the world.

    Europe meaning & definition 5 of Europe.

  • [Old Europe], Bold Europe: home of progressive libralism, who brought such concepts as fairness, socialism, left wing, and nice to the world.
    Economically weak because the people tend to prefer to enjoy themselves rather than work 65 hours a week just to feed themselves when they cud b doing [fun stuff]. And because they dont employ kids on slave-labour wage rates.
    Strongest peoples of the world - what other continent could be completly destroyed by [1918], be the most powerful in the world again by [1939], and turn a backwards peasant [autocracy] in2 1 of the world superpowers over 20 years?
    Unfortunate fathers of fascism. Also its destroyers.
    Give every1 a chance through redistributive effects, causing some [neofascist] [CEOs] to move to the US and some others to take their factories to india.
    Eastern European birds ARE the best in the world... especially solvakians
    have high fuel, cigarette, and alcohol prices because the government tries to limit the usage of these BAD substances through high taxes.
    oh btw. Budweiser did actually come from Europe origionally... Bud Veiser!! Czech [fgs]! not that theyre proud of it. [Kozel] is like 10x betta.
    South America has evolved upon similar lines, although the social development is at the stage that Europe was reaching in the early 1900s, characterised by class [stuggle] and rapid shifts to the far left. Hopefully they will succeed where we failed and lead to a democratic [workers] republic, kickstarting the global prolatarian revolution.

    Europe meaning & definition 6 of Europe.

  • The [continent] which has more money, technology, and militaristic power than Americans like to think. Think about it, remember [Nazi Germany]? If -ONE- European country can fight of all of Europe and [North America] combined for SIX YEARS, imagine what all of Europe can do when unified into one military force?

    Europe meaning & definition 7 of Europe.

  • Talented but often underrated and ridiculed big-haired 1980s power rock band fronted by blond [Swede] Joey [Tempest] who were [head and shoulders] musically above their counterparts, but were never given a chance to prove themselves.

    Europe meaning & definition 8 of Europe.

  • [Germany], [The Netherlands] and [England].

    Europe meaning & definition 9 of Europe.

  • The current center of the world-empire, after [Rome] and [Babylon], the presomptuous USA being controlled through european [banks] since its creation.
    The operational center is the City of London.

    Europe meaning & definition 10 of Europe.

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