• Of or pertaining to Italy, or to its people or language.Italian cloth a light material of cotton and worsted; -- called alsofarmer's satin.-- Italian iron, a heater for fluting frills.-- Italian juice, Calabrian liquorice.

  • Best people in the world. Why? no reasons. We just are.

  • A really smart, good-looking Mediterranean person with kick-ass food, families, and values.

  • Can't make their mind up if there white people or not. Beautiful country. The women are fucking awesome too...

  • italian, proud honest valued good people , the best food in all the land and have the worst temper imaginable. do not fuck with us. salute to any other italians reading this.

  • The sworn immortal enemies of Dr. Atkins

  • The most respected culture around...Hated by those only who wish to be like us...Those who only say were good for pasta is worthless...No worthless empires rule the world for hundreds of years...Shout to my REAL Guido brothers...Not you fake ghetto FUBU wannabes

  • An incredibly cultured people who work hard and are not considered white by white people and yet not considered minorities to the WASP-ass government.
    Sometimes get a bad rep because of movies and shows where they are depicted as gangsters. Italian women are strong-willed, hard-working, and completey hot just like Irish and Black women. Usually have beautiful olive skin and dark hair. Italian men love their families and work hard and many are incredibly intelligent, despite what it shows in the movies. Leonardo DiVinci, an Italian man, was one of the smartest men in the world. Italians are also great artists. An Italian discovered America, an Italian named America, the Italians slave to make a better life while WASPs like Peter kick us in the face. And dont sit there rolling your eyes, whities, because I know you would support this if another minority wrote this, but simply because you think Im Italian you blow this off. Ill pretend to give a rats ass about what blacks and asians say because its the cool thing to do, but I dont care about Italians. Youre hypocrites. All minorities, Italians, blacks, hispanics, need to come together.

  • 1.) People of the nation Italy.
    2.) The center of the Renaissance, which brought Europe out of the Dark Ages.
    3.) Makers of fine automobiles.
    4.) Hot chicks.
    5.) And a badass bowl of pasta.
    6.) Got taken over by that cockless son of a bitch, Mussolini, who got his when his ass was HANGED FROM A LIGHTPOST after some Italians decided theyd had enough of his shit.
    7.) Not hairy, retards.
    8.) Yeah, we do kick ass, thank you.


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