• A city in north-eastern Texas, noted as a centre of the oil industry; population 1,279,910 (est. 2008). President John F. Kennedy was assassinated here in November 1963.

    Dallas meaning & definition 1 of Dallas.

  • Dallas is the [cutest girl] [on the block]. You see her and you can tell shes something different. A little bit on [the Tom] Boy side but also girlier than you could ever imagine. Shes rather creative and artisitic but also enjoys to read. Never will you ever see someone wearing the same thing as this girl.

    Dallas meaning & definition 2 of Dallas.

  • A guy who is totally adorable and sweet... although he gets too impatient at times and acts like a total [goober], he always seems to be able to pull it together to make a girl smile.
    Seems that he always makes a girl wish she could do the same.
    Unless of course she has a hot temper and ruins his night cause she gets all kinds of crazy mad. She cant help it tho, cause shes [hard headed]. However, a guy like Dallas would get that and love her anyway. Cause he knows that he makes her [crazy like] that.

    Dallas meaning & definition 3 of Dallas.

  • A [criminal mastermind] from the game [PAYDAY 2] that constantly needs a [medic bag].

    Dallas meaning & definition 4 of Dallas.

  • the most amazing guy you [wll] ever meet. he is always there for you when you need him. and you have to [love him]. hes the nicest, cutest,funniest guy you will ever meet<3 hes [the boy] of your dreams and just to see him smile, makes you whole day better<3

    Dallas meaning & definition 5 of Dallas.

  • Most Beautiful girl youll find. She is unique, loving, caring and kind. She is like [a Queen]. She is [gentle], and like respect. You will not find a [finer] woman. She is a great lover.

    Dallas meaning & definition 6 of Dallas.

  • One of the sexiest men on the planet!!!!!!!!! He is the hottest [frickin] [Greaser] in the world!!!!!!!!!! Hes from [The Outsiders]

    Dallas meaning & definition 7 of Dallas.

  • they are the hottest guys you will ever meet... They tend to be redneck [to the bone] but most girls find that sexy just like him... He is funny caring and sweet when he isnt around his friends...sometimes he can be a [real dick] but you end up loving him anyways.. He is shy at first but once you get to know him you will fall in love. Hes a [Heartbreaker] but has also had his heart broken....he is strong and wants to work...he is easy to love...in more than one way;);)

    Dallas meaning & definition 8 of Dallas.

  • Some one who is special in your life. His a [real bad] ass, but when his near you...hes someone different. This is someone you dont wont to ever loss. Even through you have an amazing friendship, things cant happen with Dallas. He is loving, caring, and sadly a [drugy]. But dont change him. Hes [that one person] who you would die to have sex with!!!!

    Dallas meaning & definition 9 of Dallas.

  • That city full of wonders, including a building that looks like an electric [dandelion], [Ross Perot], and [city hall].
    A good place to go if you like schizophrenic hobos, cheap transit and good times in hot temperatures.

    Dallas meaning & definition 10 of Dallas.

  • Only [tha best] city in [Texas]; [d-town]

    Dallas meaning & definition 11 of Dallas.

  • a large city in the southern US state of Texas:

    Dallas meaning & definition 12 of Dallas.

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