• A tendency to use nouns in preference to other parts of speech.

    Nounism meaning & definition 1 of Nounism.

  • Steven McNeil coin and copyright Nounism for his art movement in 90”s McNeil is quoted say “ the Viewer of my there own interpretation of my works , I listen because I find it interesting. My mention Gambini told how he was apart of the abstract exspssionis movement in the 40’s with the masters. I said I’m gonna start my movement and call it nounism.. it caught on with fiends and my Gallery own love it.. these past to year it starting to catch in even the president used it. What An accomplished art Gambini said”

    Nounism meaning & definition 2 of Nounism.

  • Steven Velvet Mcneil coined and copyrighted nounism as a movement in the late 90s.

    Nounism meaning & definition 3 of Nounism.

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