1. The kick ass chemical in your brain that makes you feel and do happy things... whatever they may be.
    2. Also an awesome song thats the opening theme to Gantz.

    Dopamine meaning & definition 1 of Dopamine.

  • a chemical that is responsible for [love at first sight]
    as explained in charlieissocoolikes video [Chemical Love]
    it makes you [infatuated] with somebody.
    it is also the chemical that makes you sort of high and happy.

    Dopamine meaning & definition 2 of Dopamine.

  • [Dat feel] [good] [chemical].

    Dopamine meaning & definition 3 of Dopamine.

  • Its a catecholamine neurotransmitter, which means it sends a message in your brain to tell you that you think that girl youre looking at is [fitter] to make [offspring] with than any other [dame].

    Dopamine meaning & definition 4 of Dopamine.

  • The [root] of all addictions.

    Dopamine meaning & definition 5 of Dopamine.

  • [Dopamine] is behind a lot of the desire we associate with eating and sexual intercourse. Similarly, all addictive drugs trigger [dopamine] (the craving neurochemical) to stimulate the pleasure/reward center. So do gambling, shopping, [overeating] and other, seemingly unrelated, activities. Go shopping: dopamine. Smoke a cigarette: dopamine. Computer games: dopamine. Heroin: dopamine. Orgasm: dopamine. They all work somewhat differently [on the brain], but all raise your dopamine.

    Dopamine meaning & definition 6 of Dopamine.

  • the uber [chemical] in your brain that makes you feel rad.
    also where heroin got its nickname, due to it [flooding] your brain with [feelgood].

    Dopamine meaning & definition 7 of Dopamine.

  • A compound present in the body as a neurotransmitter and a precursor of other substances including adrenaline.

    Dopamine meaning & definition 8 of Dopamine.

  • a hormone (= chemical substance) that is made naturally in the body and may also be given as a drug

    Dopamine meaning & definition 9 of Dopamine.

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