• to be made fun of horribly.

    Whored meaning & definition 1 of Whored.

  • [Raped], Owned, [Pwned], [Bitched], Taken.

    Whored meaning & definition 2 of Whored.

  • The act of having had thousands of [freinds] added to you on myspace by another person on myspace. Myspace [kings and queens] will post bulletins that say add this person and i will comment your pics. The king or queens thousand of friends add the person and that person has now [officially] been whored.

    Whored meaning & definition 3 of Whored.

  • v. to do really [well in] or be at the top of a certain [activity] (also [whoring])

    Whored meaning & definition 4 of Whored.

  • inj. A remark that expresses [disbelief] toward something.
    v. Like owned, except more [universal] and doesnt make you look like [a noob] when you say it. Can be applied to anything you want.

    Whored meaning & definition 5 of Whored.

  • to be [beaten] mentally in a [chat room] by the other members,, im talking being really kicked around,, im talking mistreated too the 2nd power, and a good whore will just [sit there] and watch in silence

    Whored meaning & definition 6 of Whored.

  • When u have just [got] [layed] by [a whore]

    Whored meaning & definition 7 of Whored.

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