• Place where the all natural ladies run free, the pot head rule the streets, the hippies bathe in B.O, and oh yea its the capital of Vermont

    Montpelier meaning & definition 1 of Montpelier.

  • Also known as [Monty-P] and Vermontpelier. The best city ever with the largest population of hippies, [tree-huggers], [crunchies], and granolas in the U.S.

    Montpelier meaning & definition 2 of Montpelier.

  • the best place ever... the kids there are the shit and theyre [all like] my family. i hate [coming back] home from there it just doesnt [compare].

    Montpelier meaning & definition 3 of Montpelier.

  • The capital of Vermont, in the north central part of the state, on the Winooski River; population 7,760 (est. 2008).

    Montpelier meaning & definition 4 of Montpelier.

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