• Presley: usually a girls name, with dark beautiful hair, very hot, is flirtatious, and has a big heart. all the guys are absolutly head of heels for presley. loves soccer and guys.

    Presley meaning & definition 1 of Presley.

  • She is the most amazing, smart, beautiful girl you will ever meet and will [only love] once so [make it count] and if she opens her heart to you dont break it love, protect it and cherish it she is worth it and will always be she is an amazing freind and girl she is shy but in a good way shell talk to you but not much unless you are close and if you arent [get close] to her and love her she deserves all the love in the world

    Presley meaning & definition 2 of Presley.

  • [The most amazing] girl that anyone in the world will ever [find]. If you find Presley never [let] her go.

    Presley meaning & definition 3 of Presley.

  • A [dependable], smart, and trustworthy person. Presley is always laughing and trying to cheer others up. She/he is always [striving] to do their best, and has AMAZINGLY good [judgement], despite his/her goofiness. Presley is caring, bold, and determined. Presley loves people who will listen and always be there for them. Presley is also in the best mood when having fun with his/her friends.

    Presley meaning & definition 4 of Presley.

  • A girl who is a bit shy at first but extremely nice and fun once you get to know her. Shes [self conscious] even tho she shouldnt be. Shes [a hopeless romantic] hoping to find love. She can be very [bossy] and demanding sometimes but still is open to others ideas. She likes to play it safe: shes the opposite of wild, but still likes to have fun.

    Presley meaning & definition 5 of Presley.

  • One of the best people you will ever meet. They are absolutely stunning and most of the time have [green eyes] that will have you [falling for] her. Presley’s are very good at sports and at everything they do. Not to mention these girls are so funny they will have you rolling. Presley’s are kind and friends with everyone. They are also [lowkey freak] and if you ever run into a Presley never let her go and make sure to make her yours or you’ll regret it.

    Presley meaning & definition 6 of Presley.

  • [One] [sweet girl] with [one] [sweet ass].

    Presley meaning & definition 7 of Presley.

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