• A [singlet] is the act of going to a bar/drinking [session] with the [initial intention] of having a single [pint], but then quickly realising that you will eventually have four (or more)pints.

    Singlet meaning & definition 1 of Singlet.

  • The article of clothing used by college/high school [wrestlers] that is part spandex and cotton. It stretches around the body from the mid thighs [to the neck] for the most part. Greco-roman, freestyle, collegite, [folkstyle], and some UFC use forms of singlets.

    Singlet meaning & definition 2 of Singlet.

  • The (mostly) Australian term for [wife beater] as it is commonly reffered to in the USA. Basicly a cotton [skin tight] [tank top] for men, more commonly used as a form of under wear.

    Singlet meaning & definition 3 of Singlet.

  • A word used by multiples, people who have [MPD] or DID ([Multiple Personality Disorder] or Dissasociative [Identity] Disorder), to refer to those who dont.

    Singlet meaning & definition 4 of Singlet.

  • Slang term referring to obnoxious [Aussies] (usually in countries outside [Australia]). The term comes from how these Aussies tend [to where] white singlets (often with a beer brand on it). These people are often drunk and dangerous.

    Singlet meaning & definition 5 of Singlet.

  • A sleeveless garment worn under or instead of a shirt; a vest.

    Singlet meaning & definition 6 of Singlet.

  • a piece of clothing without sleeves that is worn on the top part of the body under clothes, or for playing particular sports

    Singlet meaning & definition 7 of Singlet.

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